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Since we opened Pickering House Inn in Summer 2018, outstanding food has been a focus. We have developed an amazing in house culinary team at the Inn who create amazing breakfasts, baked goods and snacks. For dinner right next door, award winning Executive Chef / Owner Chris Viaud and his culinary team offer an incredible farm-to-table dinner menu and artisan cocktails.

In The Barn at Pickering House, unique Event Dinners are held featuring Guest Chefs, Wine tasting dinners and tasting dinners with NH's Tamworth Distillery.


PAVILION is a destination dining experience created by the team that brought you Pickering House Inn. Named in honor of The Pavilion Hotel, which was built and operated by Daniel Pickering and his son-in-law on a site opposite today’s Pickering House Inn,  PAVILION opened in December 2020, serving seasonally inspired, ingredient driven food and spirits.


While the restaurant only takes reservations two weeks in advance, we offer our Inn guests a special opportunity to make dinner reservations when you reserve your room, regardless how far out your reservation may be. (Please note that we cannot guarantee availability for room reservations made less than two weeks in advance of your stay).  


To view details and purchase tickets for special dining events in The Barn at Pickering House and Pickering’s Kitchen, please visit our Pickering Events Page:

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