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See the Transformation of Pickering

Est. 1813 / Re Est. 2018

What a Journey this has been...

Five years ago this month, after a challenging (and daunting!) renovation, we opened the Pickering House Inn here in Wolfeboro.  We had no experience in the hospitality industry - but did have the combination of unique skills to take on this project. 

Our success is due...

     To the many construction workers, trades people and support teams that understood our vision and were able to "see" our goals for these buildings and take them to fruition.

     To staff and support people - past and present - who were able to understand what it is to be part being a start up business - and the importance of above and beyond caring.

     To our Inn guests who came from day one... and so many come again and again. You are all truly part of this Pickering family.

Thank you! And Happy 5th Birthday to the Pickering House. Est. 1813 - Re Est. 2018!


       Peter and Patty Cooke

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