Spring 2019 Event Highlights for Visitors to Wolfeboro

The calendar says early April and the air may be warm, but the true sign that spring is here is when “ice out” has been officially declared. That’s when all the ice on Lake Winnipesaukee has broken up enough for boats to navigate. As of this writing (April 3), Ice Out has not yet been declared, but we are expecting the announcement soon. In the meantime, anticipation is building as residents step out to enjoy the spring temperatures and businesses gear up for peak season.

Here are a few fun events and important dates that we have marked on our mid-spring calendar as the region transitions from winter sports to warm-weather activities (please click the hyperlinks for details):

Here at Pickering House Inn, we are offering a full calendar of spring dining events — including a very special Mother’s Day Getaway that features a Cooking Demonstration Dinner on May 11 and a delicious Mother’s Day Breakfast with mimosas on May 12th (open to Inn guests only). Be sure to click the button below to see the full schedule:

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If you have any questions about what to do during your stay at Pickering House Inn, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff or email us to request a suggested itinerary.