Wolfeboro History Discovered Between the Walls

If you have driven by Pickering House recently, you probably saw a dumpster outside. As a first step in our renovation, we are carefully removing materials from areas of the house that had been remodeled over the years and have lost any historical significance. We can now also “see” the bones of the house and can best determine what is needed for structural work. Jeremy Danley and his team are handling the interior demolition, and their experience in working in older homes is wonderful. They are careful, they work at preserving detail, and best of all… they keep their eyes open for treasures! While we have been chuckling at the number of old whiskey bottles found in the walls these past two weeks, yesterday we found our first true treasures!

First, was the discovery of a packet of sheet music, signed by “Rollins” (who was married to Charles Pickering’s daughter!)

Sheet music found at Pickering House Wolfeboro
Rollins name on sheet music in Wolfeboro NH

And then… a handwritten ledger from the late 1890’s! The ledger seems to be a log of individuals entitled to sick benefits because of medical conditions. The calligraphy is amazing and the records are very detailed (including the date, the ailment and payments made). The book is filled with names we all recognize from Wolfeboro history (and local road names)!

Ledger found at Pickering House Wolfeboro
Wolfeboro names in ledger found at Pickering House
Old ledger found at Pickering House Wolfeboro