Wolfeboro Heritage Commission Joins Us to Find a New Home for Info Booth

Wolfeboro tourism booth for Wolfeboro Heritage Commission

Remember that tourism information booth that we found in the back of the Pickering House property? [See the blog post]

We've teamed with the Wolfeboro Heritage Commission to find a new home for it so it doesn't get damaged as we renovate. The Heritage Commission is accepting proposals for the sale and removal of the Information Booth structure. Offers are due by October 15 and should specify a purchase price, proposed new location of building, and information about moving, restoring and reusing the house.  Preference will be given to offers that keep the building within the town of Wolfeboro, restore it to its original appearance and maintain visibility from a public way.  A use that allows some level of public access would be a bonus, but is not expected.

We are so happy that the Heritage Commission is helping us find a good home for a little structure that is a small slice of Wolfeboro history. We will be donating all proceeds from the sale of the building to the Wolfeboro Heritage Commission.

As Maggie Stier, chair of the Heritage Commission said, "We’re looking for a win-win-win-win here. The building gets saved, the Cookes can proceed with their plan, the Heritage Commission gets some funding.  And maybe some lucky child gets a playhouse, a writer or artist gets a room of their own, or a gardener gets a charming potting shed.  The possibilities are exciting!”

To find out more, please see the article that ran in the Granite State News on September 29th. We tried to share the article in the image above, but you may have better luck reading the story in a hard copy of the paper. Feel free to use our contact form  if you have specific questions and we will forward your questions or comments to the appropriate person at the Heritage Commission.