What's Next for the Barn at Pickering House?

Barn at Pickering House Wolfeboro, Nh
inside of Pickering House barn

One of our favorite features at Pickering House is the barn! The barn soars a full 2 ½ stories, with wonderful lofts and clear views to the peak. It is rare to find a true barn – particularly one of this size -- remaining right downtown in a New England town the size of Wolfeboro.

The barn is a real treasure and our goal is to preserve as much of the original structure as possible. As a first step, we called in a structural engineer who specializes in barn structures to give us an assessment. Upon first inspection, we’re pleased to announce that the basic structure is in good shape. However, the building is starting to slide off of its beautiful granite foundation. Our first step is going to be to stabilize the building, excavate a bit more below and pour a new foundation. (And yes, the granite slabs from the 1800’s will be saved and reused on site.)

We hope to start this foundation work in the next few months. Watch for more photos and details coming soon!