What’s Happening: Windows

There are scores of windows at Pickering House, some of historical value and some not so much. Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Alison Hardy of Window Woman of New England, an Amesbury, MA company dedicated to window restoration rather than replacement.

 Restoring old windows Pickering House Inn, Wolfeboro, NH

Alison did a thorough assessment and determined that the windows on the first floor of the main part of the house -- which is also the oldest part of the house -- are original and worth restoring. The upstairs windows have extensive rot, which makes them too difficult or costly to save. Unfortunately, most of the windows in the ells and rear section of the building are inexpensive, standard, single-glazed options that replaced the original windows over the years.

Last Friday, Alison and her team removed the eight windows being restored to both protect them during construction and provide an opportunity to work on them. When the construction team gives the word, the Window Woman team will re-install the windows.

window restoration Pickering House.jpg


How are the windows being restored?
The restoration work is painstaking. First, the team strips all glazing from the window, removes the glass panes, and then strips the remaining paint. They strengthen any weak joints and then the re-assembly process begins. The glass is re-set, broken panes are replaced, both the interior and exterior are primed and replaced, and other steps are taken to restore the windows to fully operational condition.

What will happen to the windows that are not being restored?
We will save the sashes of the old, but unsalvageable, windows to use as unique design features in the house and barn.

What will the new windows look like?
Replacement windows will replicate the style, scale and detailing (including black exterior on the sashes) of the original windows to maintain the Pickering House aesthetic to the greatest extent possible.

We look forward to sharing photos once the old windows have been restored and the new ones have been selected!