What Does the Future Hold for Pickering House?

 Pickering House in Wolfeboro, NH before renovation

When we bought Pickering House last winter, we had three goals:

  1. Stop potential development that would have replaced Pickering House with generic commercial structures and parking ;
  2. Save Pickering House from demolition and preserve an important historical landmark;
  3. Give Pickering House a new lease on life through a venture that would celebrate the building’s heritage while contributing to vibrancy of the Wolfeboro community

The initial purchase took care of goal #1. For the past few months, we have been exploring various ideas to achieve the second and third goals. We wanted Pickering House’s next phase of life to both celebrate its history and add to the enjoyment and economic vitality of present-day Wolfeboro.

We are now ready to announce…. drumroll please …. that we are all but certain that we will be transforming Pickering House into an inn with event space and some type of food component.

Pickering House began its life in 1813 as a tavern. We love the idea of returning to its roots with another hospitality venture!

As you can tell, we are still working out the details of exactly what Pickering House will be. We look forward to updating everyone as plans evolve.  In the meantime, we will be doing some exterior improvements to preserve the structural integrity of the building (If you walk by on a windy day, you’ll see shingles blowing off the roof!). By early fall, Pickering House should become a beehive of activity!

Stay tuned for further details….