Thank You Nantucket Beadboard

Nantucket Beadboard photo.png

Patty has always loved beadboard and the v groove profile as a way to give walls visual interest and a warm, classic New England feel.  Over the years, she has used it extensively in many of the houses that she has renovated for clients and even in her own home.

Nantucket® Beadboard has long been one of her favorite sources because their products are easy to install, paint beautifully and the end results look wonderful. In addition, their products are available in moisture resistant and fire resistant lines, making them a great fit for both commercial and residential projects.

Pickering House Inn will be using the 4” on center v-groove beadboard in almost all of the guest bathrooms. In recognition of the importance of preserving historic structures, Nantucket® Beadboard has generously offered cost savings to help make the Pickering House renovation a reality.

“As a New Hampshire company, we are committed to supporting NH communities and historic buildings,” comments Thomas Miller, President.  

Nantucket® Beadboard started on Nantucket Island and moved to Rochester, NH 20 years ago. Its high- quality beadboard has been featured in This Old House and on the HGTV and DIY networks.

We are proud to feature Nantucket® Beadboard at Pickering House Inn and pleased to work with yet another family-owned, New Hampshire company!

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