Time for Another Survey! Share Your Thoughts on Wine Glasses

 Pickering House Inn wine glass survey

The Pickering House renovation involves a million behind-the-scenes decisions every day but we're already spending our "down time" focusing on little details after we open. Wine glasses have become a hot topic. Should we go stemless or traditional? Patty and Peter's daughter is adamant that stemless is the way to go because she doesn't have to worry as much about breaking a glass or spilling a drink. The older ones among us feel that stemless glass are a little like those tailless Manx cats -- they are perfectly functional but are missing a key part. 

What kind of wine glass do you prefer? Our blog readers gave such wonderful feedback about toiletries that we're turning to you again to mediate our stemless vs. stemmed wine glass dispute. Please help us decide by taking our ultra-quick survey! Just click the button below to get started:

We'll share the results in the next few weeks on both the blog and on Facebook. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!