Restoring the Landmark Pickering House Fence

Pickering House Wolfeboro fence

One of our first blog posts was about the fence along the front of Pickering House. Here we are almost one year later – and we are talking about the fence again!

It has been important to us to retain the fence because it is the last one remaining from the era when fences ran up and down both sides of the street, as in this postcard.

Historic Pickering House fence Wolfeboro, NH
fence balusters Pickering House Wolfeboro

After much research and many conversations, we now have a restoration plan in place! Here is a photo of the first balusters that have been stripped. They are in amazing shape with intact carved edges and detail.

In the months ahead, sections of the fence will be taken down and balusters will be stripped and repainted. We will then reconstruct the fence using the original balusters with new, custom milled top and bottom rails made from… yes, a PVC material.

One of the biggest challenges of any historic renovation is to balance saving the original materials with using materials that can be more easily maintained to ensure the structure lasts the NEXT 200 years!

The amazing woodworker Richard Ferguson of Wolfeboro and the talented Josh Cilley (of Whitewood Millwork in Dover) are leading our team to restore the fence. With the skill and attention to detail these two bring to the project, the end result will be a beautifully restored fence that will last.

The last challenge? Replacing the balls that were once on top of each of the fence posts! Another blog post for another day…