Pickering House Will Have Stunning Wood Floors Thanks to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors & Rugs

Conjure up an image of a classic New Hampshire antique home and chances are good that you envisioned wide pine floors with the patina that comes from generations of use. Unfortunately, those generations of use at Pickering House meant that the floors were in really tough shape. The floors had many layers of paint and were a patchwork of styles and cuts to accommodate previous renovations.

We needed to replace the flooring, and we still wanted to have the character that comes from old wide pine floors. Of course, we also knew we needed a floor that could handle the foot traffic of a busy inn. Could we have both?

Thanks to Carlisle, the answer was “YES.” Carlisle is a Stoddard, New Hampshire company known throughout the world for its wide plank flooring. Since it was founded in 1966, the company has steadily expanded its product line to include wide plank hardwood, pine and reclaimed wood as solid, engineered, unfinished and prefinished floors. Carlisle now also offers carpet and custom area rugs in addition to wood flooring options. 

Chris Sy, Chief Product Officer at Carlisle, helped us select wide, longleaf heart pine planking that is a little bit harder and more formal looking than other pine flooring options and a perfect fit for this historical project. Lynne Rafuse, Wide Plank Specialist at Carlisle, comments that “we do a lot to support projects that will benefit the community – particularly when those projects are right in our own backyard! We are so pleased to have a role in Pickering House’s transformation.”

Thank you Lynne, Chris and the rest of the Carlisle team!

For more information about Carlisle, please visit their website at www.wideplankflooring.com