Pickering House Update from Peter & Patty Cooke

It’s been six months since we began construction -- and what a six months it has been!

If you follow our progress on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen many exterior photos of what's happening. If you have driven by the site, you've seen a beehive of activity. If you have done neither -- or are curious about all the unseen changes that are happening inside -- let us bring you up to date!
After months of structural work in the basement, wall, floors, ceilings and roof -- plus lifting the barn to get the new foundation under it -- we are completing the interior framing. Transforming Pickering House to an inn and event location required a whole new interior layout, and it has been a bit like fitting pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.
Some of the biggest challenges?

  • Meeting today's building codes in an 1813 building (and barn);
  • Designing a floor plan that works with the existing structure and keeps almost every one of the 93 windows in place;
  • Creating 10 en suite bedrooms, two sitting rooms, a private dining room, a spacious reception room, public bathrooms and gathering kitchen space in a building that was previously divided into apartments;
  • Dealing with incredible dimension variations (The second floor is actually 1’3” longer than the one below. HUH!??? The term “straight but not level” has gained new meaning!)
    Special thank you to the patient Conneston framing crew;
  • Adding a large rear dormer to utilize the third floor (and adding a foundation under the entire back of the house where there was none)
    Special thank you to Ray and the “LVL Lifting” crew!
  • Making sure each and every guest room is unique (including each of the bathrooms)
    Special thank you to Dan and the guys from LDG Corporation who are handling our plumbing and heating;
  • Soundproofing and insulating this old building as best we can;
    Special thank you to Quality Insulation;
  • Wiring a very unique electrical feature (a surprise to come!)
    Special thank you for the patience and diligence of our electrician, George, from Frase Electric;
  • Installing the plumbing and sprinkler systems in an old building with nooks and crannies (A few too many soffits for our taste but no other choices!)
    pecial thank you to James and the guys from Superior Fire Protection;
  • Wiring for the newest TVs and access choices for guests
    Special thank you to John and the team from Tailor-Made Audio and Video;
  • Adding a state-of-the-art heating/cooling and hot water system
    Special thank you to Terry and the team from Eastern Propane;

All of this in addition to:

  • Installing new windows
    Special thank you to Brandon and the guys from Pella;
  • Repairing and re-shingling the roof, installing new siding and painting the exterior
    Special thank you to the great crews brought in by Conneston and to our supporting vendors: James Hardie Building Products for the HardiePlank® Lap Siding, CertainTeed for the roofing shingles, and Wolfeboro's Johnson Paint for the wonderful yellow paint.

While there is certainly lots that is new at Pickering House, we are saving as much as we can and making sure to preserve the unique character of the building.

We still have a long way to go -- and there will be more people to thank along the way -- but progress is being made! We hope you'll keep watching, commenting and asking questions as we continue this journey.

We're glad to be a part of this town and so appreciate the support we've received from the start as we give this wonderful historic property a new lease on life. It really does "take a village" and we are forever grateful for the village that has been with us right here at Pickering House Inn.

Thanks for your interest!

All the best,
Peter and Patty