Original Doors Getting a New Lease on Life

Pickering House Wolfeboro front doors being refurbished

Have you noticed that a sheet of plywood has replaced the front doors at Pickering House? We removed the beautiful original doors to both protect them from damage when we begin renovation and to restore them to their original beauty. This has become a labor of love for Peter, who is stripping the doors himself.

Peter Cooke refinishing Pickering House doors
Peter Cooke refinishing Pickering House doors

As you can see from the photo above, the doors feature intricate, hand-carved areas that had been covered by so many layers of paint that they were barely visible. At more than 3" thick, these doors were built to last!

We have also saved all the original interior doors that remained in the building. As the design for the new inn develops, we look forward to incorporating as many of the original doors as possible!

Pickering house interior doors