Interior Demolition Begins at Pickering House

renovation Pickering House Wolfeboro

Renovation is sometimes a case of taking two steps back and one step forward. Often you can’t reach a property’s potential without getting rid of the changes made over the years that are holding it back.

The front section of the Pickering House has some good detail. However, the rear sections were changed at various times over the years to create apartment spaces. Often, spaces were recreated multiple times, resulting in a hodgepodge of floor plans and details. We’ve found wallboard over wallboard, strange bathrooms (including one apartment with a shower in the living room), chopped up floors, and odd interior spaces.

To correct interior issues – as well as to start with a clean slate for new floor plans and gain clear access for structural reinforcing, new mechanicals, insulation and finishes – interior demolition is now underway. We will be carefully saving original decorative woodwork, doors, stair railings and balusters that are worth preserving. We will definitely save these two original marble fireplaces in the front two rooms.

Yellow marble fireplace Pickering House Wolfeboro
white marble fireplace Pickering House Wolfeboro

We’re curious to find out about the support for and access to the building’s many chimneys once we open walls up. There are sure to be many surprises and wonderful (as well as not-so-wonderful) discoveries in the months ahead as we complete a phased demolition process!