Hidden Treasure #1: NH Tourism Info Booth

Nh tourist info booth Pickering House Wolfeboro

We were delighted to discover this little cottage sitting right behind the barn on the Pickering House property. Was it used as a child's playhouse? A gardening shed? Nope. It was a New Hampshire tourism booth!

Mae Williams, our historic preservation consultant, says that the booth was built around 1930-1935. Her estimate makes sense because these little booths were used all over New Hampshire during that time period. According to Janice Brown at www.cowhampshireblog.com, the booths were placed in highly visible spots where a tourist might stop. Attendants would welcome people to town and provide maps, literature or assistance to visitors.

As far as we can tell from looking at old Wolfeboro town meeting notes, this little booth was located at Pickering Corner, across the street from Pickering House. It sat on the edge of Brewster field until about 2010.

These cute little cottages have been replaced by big visitor's centers along major highways -- and, of course, by the Internet. Ms. Brown wrote in her blog post that only a few of the old New Hampshire tourism booths still remain. We're deciding what to do with this special gem that we found tucked behind the barn. If you have an idea, please don't hesitate to email us at info@pickeringhousewolfeboro.com!