Here's What You Think About Inn Toiletries

We have loved reading all the thoughtful responses to our survey on hotel/inn toiletries. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback! The initial votes are in and toiletries in little bottles are the clear winner over multi-use dispensers.

Pickering House Wolfeboro toiletries survey

As you can see from the chart, close to 80% of you prefer the individual sized bottles, despite feeling that perhaps you should prefer the more environmentally sensitive pumps. Here are a few of the helpful comments we received:

  • "In the privacy of my room, I feel fabulously pampered by the little bottles. I know I SHOULD say pump, but not at a place like Pickering House. Nat'l parks, yes."
  • "Small containers are the only thing I have experienced, BUT the pump dispensers would be more economical and much less waste. They would have to be spotlessly clean and full for each new day."
  • "[Individual bottles are] more sanitary, but more wasteful in terms of packaging. Toothpaste obviously needs to be individual use. Maybe a mix of both. Pump handsoap at the sink, shower gel pump in the tub, but individual shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste? ??"
  • "NO PUMPS!!!!!!!!"
  • "I think that having a sustainable approach is the way of the future. People will appreciate doing the right thing especially if you include a little note card explaining motives kind of the way hotels do about not changing sheets and towels every day. But if your aim is to appeal to the very upscale pampered client then I might change my answer. If you go the pump route, it will be important that you find VERY attractive pumps."
  • "I care about the environment, and I have seen both at places I have stayed. But I prefer the individual bottles; I do take them home to use as well. The pumps seem like something from a nice gym shower facility, not an antique inn."
  • "I might be in the minority, but I find the pump dispensers that hang in the shower a bit "gross" and what I've found typically in lower rung, European hotels. Also, I think the individual bottles can be part of your branding - from the size, shape, brand and scent."

We initially made the assumption that women might feel strongly about little bottles while men wouldn't care as much. Wrong. While only 16% of the people who responded to the survey were male, almost 80% still preferred little bottles. In fact, many of the comments that most strongly advocated for little bottles came from our male respondents!

 Pickering House Wolfeboro inn toiletries survey

As for what you want in those little bottles, natural ingredients was the winner -- but many of you wished you could have indicated that everything from ingredients, to scent, to packaging is important. We really appreciate all the thoughtful comments such as:

  • "I actually like a customized package for the property or an "artisan" product. Makes me feel uniquely catered to."
  • "As travelers, both my husband and I seem to comment about the toiletries upon check in to our room...a bit of ALL of the above apply for us...if we do take a few unused home with us, it's a conversation piece about the place we stayed...or when shared with guests...a mention of the wonderful hotel or inn!"
  • "I wish I could choose more than one option. I want natural ingredients AND I want it to smell good, but not fruity fake. Strawberry vanilla need not apply. Maybe yland ylang with a hit of musk. :-)"
  • "I bring my own shampoo and conditioner (and I think a lot of women do). I prefer to see a brand I know....Aveda, Purple Water, Bvlgari. Also, higher end hotels should add a special amenity...something unique (make-up remover, comb, bath salts). And please, please, please have shower caps!"
  • "Smells good and beautiful packaging are a nice bonus. But recognizing the brand and knowing it is going to do its designated job is priority."

Great comments such as these will help us make informed decisions for our inn guests! Again, thank you for taking the time to respond. If you haven't cast your vote yet, it's not too late. The survey is still open and we value your response! Just click the link below to get started:

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