Fear Not: The Trees and Porch Will Return

Pickering House Inn renovation Wolfeboro NH

Sometimes the only option is to replace, rather than save. One of the hardest decisions we have made in the Pickering House renovation was to take down the maple trees in the front of the property. Numerous tree professionals have told us that the large maple is at the end of its healthy life. Damage caused by cut and broken limbs has weakened the whole tree. Furthermore, the root and branch system is destabilizing the foundation and encroaching on the porch. Unfortunately, the smaller maple close to the street also poses issues because it is interfering with electrical wires.

The trees will be taken down any day now, but we are happy to say that they will be replaced toward the end of the renovation – and we’re not talking about those tiny maples that you can buy at nurseries. We are actually transplanting mature maples for instant shade and beauty.

We will miss the original trees at Pickering House but are delighted that the wood is going to be saved to use inside Pickering House Inn in a creative way!

Pickering House inn renovation

You’ll also be seeing Pickering House’s signature porch coming off in the next few days or weeks. As you can see in this photo, the porch has some major structural issues. We are saving as much as we can -- including brackets, most of the posts, and the railing -- but we are taking everything off for now. As the project progresses, we are happy to say that the porch will return.

Pickering House is going to look incredibly naked without its trees and porch but at least we have the comfort of knowing that they will return in the hopefully not-too-distant future!